Asbestos Removal Berkshire

When you’re in need of Asbestos Removal Berkshire, Meyer Environmental Ltd. are the experts to call.

We specialise in the efficient and safe removal and disposal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) from all properties, domestic, commercial, or industrial.

We hold a Waste Carrier Licence for transporting ACMs away from your site and all our works are carried out in accordance with The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2009.

All Asbestos Removal Berkshire projects are completed with full clearances and hazardous waste consignment documentation, to show the site is now safe according to current regulations and the ACMs have been properly disposed of, and we are fully insured for all asbestos-related work.

Meyer Environmental Asbestos Dust Hazard tape on site

What sets us apart

Our asbestos removal rates are among the most competitive of any company covering the Berkshire area, but while you save on money, we don’t scrimp on safety on quality. We ensure that all our asbestos removal work in the Berkshire area is carried out to the highest standards and in compliance with all health, safety, and environmental legislation. We pride ourselves on our prompt service, customer satisfaction, and quality of our work, no matter what the specifics of the project may be.

Asbestos removal and disposal

Meyer Environmental Ltd. will provide highly-trained and expert operatives to safely and diligently remove the following ACMs from any property:

  • Asbestos Cement (roof sheets, garages, pipes, panels and debris)
  • Textured Coatings
  • Asbestos Bitumen (roofing, damp proof coarse, screeds)
  • Floor Tiles and Coverings
  • Putties and Composites
  • Textiles and Wraps
  • Pipe Lagging
  • Loose Fill
  • Sprayed Coating
  • Asbestos Insulation Board

We use protective coverings and other materials at all times to safeguard your floors, furniture, and fittings. We take great care not to break apart any ACMs during removal, so as not to release fibres into the air. The ACMs from your premises are then specially wrapped before being taken away for disposal.

Depending on the exact materials encountered, our asbestos removal services in Berkshire may be licensed or non-licensed. All licensed asbestos removal projects will require 14-day notification to the HSE. They will be undertaken by our approved licensed sub-contractors, and fully independent UKAS-accredited analytical companies.  With our management assistance and industry knowledge our sub-contractors provide a guarantee to our clients large and small. We provide independent auditing and our internal audits are done by our trained asbestos managers.

For asbestos disposal, we are an approved waste carrier (License No. CBDU86764). All ACMs are disposed of at an approved and carefully-managed site. Full documentation to prove proper and compliant disposal is then provided to the client.

Meyer Environmental removing asbestos from industrial plant in Berkshire

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Asbestos Removal in Berkshire

Areas in Berkshire where we can provide Asbestos Removal and Disposal services include: