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How do I know if my house contains asbestos?

In order to locate all Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) and determine the extent of them, you will need to have an Asbestos Survey carried out by specialists such as we here at Meyer Environmental Ltd.

To arrange, just use our online contact form, e-mail info@meyerenvironmental.co.uk, or telephone 02393 072182

How dangerous is asbestos in my house?

That depends on the type of asbestos found, how much of it there is, its condition, and how likely it is that it will ever be removed or disturbed. Some ACMs are absolutely fine to live with as they are. Others may need to be repaired (even just painting can make a difference), or removed if they present more of a danger. Our expert surveyors will fully advise you on any action needed after they call to your home.

How much does asbestos removal cost?

That’s a bit like calling a car dealer and asking ‘how much does a car cost?’ The cost of asbestos removal depends on factors such as the type of asbestos, the amount of it, ease or difficulty of access, and more. Prices can vary from £100 to several thousand pounds. The only definite guide we can give you regarding price is that our rates are amongst the most competitive around. Use our online contact form, e-mail info@meyerenvironmental.co.uk, or telephone 02393 072182 to arrange a survey and quotation.

Is it safe to have an asbestos shed/garage?

It depends on the condition of the asbestos, and also how often the shed/garage is normally used. Asbestos is safe until it is disturbed, but then its cancer-causing fibres are released and can be inhaled. We always advise that any asbestos shed/garage should be treated with specialist interior paint to prevent fibre release. For more information on this service, just call us at 02393 072182.

My builder says that he can remove asbestos, so why do I need you?

Theoretically, some asbestos removal work can be carried out by builders, such as removal of asbestos cement roofing, toilet cisterns, floor tiles, and other low-risk items. It is important to note though that in order to do so, they must meet strict legal requirements. They include:

  • Having Asbestos Removal training – NOT Asbestos Awareness training.
  • Holding a full Hazardous Waste Licence.
  • Having ‘face fit’ tests for all his workers conducted by an accredited company.
  • Carrying out the works to HSE standards.
  • Using UN approved waste sacks (red & clear).
  • Providing you with a genuine waste consignment note.

In our experience, we have yet to find builders who comply with all these requirements. A builder could be prosecuted for removing asbestos from your home without the necessary credentials, but remember you could be prosecuted too, as you have a legal duty to appoint only a competent and accredited company to carry out asbestos removal works from your property.

Unfortunately though, there are still far too many cowboy builders out there who remove asbestos from homes, and put both themselves and the homeowner’s family at risk.

Can I remove asbestos myself?

You are legally allowed to remove some of the more minor types of asbestos yourself. They will need to be removed carefully under controlled conditions. You will need specialist overalls that are for asbestos removal and a mask with a P3 filter. The asbestos must be wrapped in polythene and taken to a local site which takes hazardous waste.

How do I dispose of asbestos?

You can take it to a commercial hazardous waste site who will charge you according to the weight, or you can try your local tip who sometimes take hazardous waste once a month if its booked in. Please don’t just turn up at your local tip with hazardous waste without calling.

I may have disturbed asbestos containing materials in my house. What should I do?

Exit the room immediately and close the door. If possible wet a towel and place it at the bottom of the door to prevent any fibres from blowing out with the draft. Then give us a call and one of our operatives will quickly call round assess the situation.

I have heard that Artex can contain asbestos. Is this true?

Yes. Asbestos was used in Artex as a bonding agent. It was typically phased out of Artex around 1989, however we have found it in mixes made up to 1995. If you’re unsure or if you are likely to disturb your Artex then give us a call and we can take a sample without leaving any discernible marks. We will let you know if it contains asbestos or not.

For any other questions or to book any of our services, just use our online contact form, e-mail info@meyerenvironmental.co.uk, or telephone 02393 072182

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