We recently carried out an extensive asbestos survey on a large domestic property in Dorking, which a developer plans to tear down and replace.

Asbestos surveys are required in all such demolition and/or refurbishment situations in order to identify the location and extent of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) in the property in question.

In this case, our survey team expected a find a large quantity of ACMs throughout the building, as it dated from the years when asbestos use was at its height in the construction industry in the UK. They certainly found what they expected, as asbestos was found in pipe lagging, floor tiles, Artex ceilings, and cement soffit, and in other locations too.

As with all our demolition/refurbishment asbestos surveys, we compiled a detail report outlining hte presence and extent of ACMs in all locations, and made recommendations for its safe removal and disposal.

The client is now arranging for removal of the asbestos so that the project can move to the full demolition and re-construction phase.

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