We’ve just completed an asbestos removal job close to Brighton, where a large quantity of ACMs (asbestos containing materials) had been left exposed in a 1950s house.

The house had been undergoing renovation by a developer, but work abruptly came to a halt and the property then stood untouched for more than a year before another developer bought the premises and took over the project.

When builders returned to the home, they realised that asbestos materials in ceilings and cement had been torn down by the previous crew, only to be left on site when the work was halted.

The materials had degraded somewhat over the course of the year, and so our expertise was called upon to deal with the problem.

Our team of asbestos removal specialists sealed off the area, identified the ACMs left strewn about and other ACMs in the structure too, and safely and efficiently removed all before disposing of it properly.

We then informed the developer that it was now safe for his builders to return to work, and renovations have since recommenced on the property.

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