Most of our asbestos removal and asbestos survey work is done is done in Southern England, but we recently headed towards the West Country too, for a major asbestos floor tile removal job in Bristol.

It came about through our partnership with Hampshire Demolition. They were working on stripping out a large commercial premises in Bristol, to bring it back to shell ahead of a re-fitting programme.

As they began removing tiles from one floor, they found that it was actually a false floor that had been installed on footings screwed into an older, lower floor – and that older floor was made of asbestos tiles.

The area in question extended to some 600 square metres. This meant that removing those asbestos tiles would be a major undertaking, and so they called in our help.

Our crew cordoned off the area and got to work, taking all relevant safety precautions and diligently removing the footings before taking away the asbestos tiles themselves.

These were disposed of properly and all appropriate certification was provided to the client.

The large scale of this job shows how we are equally skilled and efficient at meeting all asbestos removal requirements, large and small. So if you are in need of asbestos removal services, don’t hesistate to get in touch.

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